What is ROC Compliance?

ROC represents Registrar of Companies which is an office under the Indian Ministry of corporate undertakings that manage the organization of the Companies Act, 2013. ROC has been selected under segment 609 of the organizations demonstration covering the different States and Union Territories are vested with the essential obligation of enrolling organizations and LLPs drifting in the separate states and the Union Territories and guaranteeing that such organizations and LLPs agree to legal prerequisites under the demonstration. The workplace of ROC works as library records, identified with the organizations enrolled with them, which are accessible for review by individuals from open on installment of the recommended expense. Also, there are as of now 22 Registrars of organizations (ROC) working from workplaces in every significant territory of India.

Also, the focal government practices authoritative command over these workplaces through the individual Regional Directors. It is imperative to agree to all compliances relevant to your organization to maintain a strategic distance from punishments and fines.

What is included in our Package.

System to document ROC Compliancese

  • Complete our Simple Form

    You are required to fill subtleties in our basic survey and submit records.

  • Present the Documents

    Present all the necessary data and archives and we will deal with the rest.

  • Confirmation of Documents

    All the necessary archives, returns,forms are arranged and checked.

  • We will record the structures.

    We File different structures and returns required with the ROC and update every one of your records.

  • Your work is finished

    When return is recorded, we will send you the archives and return your DSCs.

Documents required with the ROC every year

  • 1. Form MGT-7- Annual Return:

    Registered office details of the company, particulars of its holdings, principal business activities and associate companies

    Debentures, share and other securities and shareholding pattern


    Debenture holders and members along with changes

    Directors, Promoters, key managerial personnel along with changes

    Members meeting

    Director’s remuneration and key managerial personnel;

    Punishment or penalty imposed on the company, its officers or director and details of compounding of offenses as well as appeals made against such penalty/ punishment

    Certification of compliances matters

    A pattern of the shareholding of the company and such other matters as required in the form

  • 2. Structure AOC-4 – Financial Statements and Other Documents

    Generally all organizations document its fiscal summaries and important connections utilizing Form AOC-4 every year. In the event that the fiscal reports of the organization are not embraced in an Annual General Meeting then un-received budget summaries ought to be documented inside 30 days of the date of AGM.

    Then again, on the off chance that the budget reports are received by the organization, at that point the embraced fiscal reports must be recorded inside 30 days of the AGM. Aside from this, in the event that the organization needs to reconsider the budget summary or Board's report, at that point updated fiscal reports can likewise be recorded utilizing structure AOC-4.

Archives required to document ROC Compliance

  • MOA/AOA of organization

  • Testament of Incorporation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best time to employ a clerk?

    You should employ an accountant when you start your business. Along these lines you'll maintain a strategic distance from botches from the beginning and lessen migraines.

  • Will I lose control of my business by re-appropriating my accounting?

    No chance! You will in any case keep up 100% control everything being equal and all checks will in any case be marked by you. You pick what vendors get paid and when. We furnish with the information and play out the particular assignment, yet you affirm all receipts for installment and sign all checks.

  • When would it be advisable for me to recruit an accounting administration?

    You should recruit an accounting administration when you start your business. Along these lines you can stay away from botches from the earliest starting point and therefore lessen migraines. Contingent upon your requirements our clerks can finish a whole year's accounting in as meager as 3 hours' time. In the event that its so basic, would you be able to do it in less time?

  • Is there a legitimate prerequisite to keep up books of records?

    Organizations and LLPs are required to keep up books of records as ordered by their overseeing rules, to be specific Companies Act, 2013 and Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. Further, Income Tax Act, 1961 likewise commits the support of the books of records, regardless of the type of business, and has separate arrangements identified with it. In this manner, there might be where a Private Limited Company is required to conform to such lawful arrangements also.

  • Is there any distinction among bookkeeping and bookkeeping principles?

    On the off chance that bookkeeping is the item, bookkeeping norms are its manual. Bookkeeping gauges are authorized and distributed by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India which are intended to be trailed by organizations for valid and reasonable chronicle of their exchanges. All bookkeeping guidelines are not compulsory for all types of organizations. Basically, the greater your business, the quantity of bookkeeping guidelines which should be followed.

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