Provisional Patent Registration

A Provisional Patent application is a between time step making a course for a patent. It is viable in light of the fact that by documenting a fitting temporary patent application an individual can showcase the creation unafraid of losing his patent rights, securing money to continue with advancement and further patent tasks. One of the most significant authoritative record while applying for patent enlistment is temporary particular or complete determination. To build the odds of acquiring patent enlistment, an arrangement detail can be recorded alongside a patent application if the candidate feels that the creation has arrived at a phase wherein it tends to be revealed on paper, yet has not achieved the last stage.

The normal time taken to record a temporary patent application is around 15 – 20 working days, subject to government handling time and customer report accommodation. Get a free meeting on temporary patent application recording by planning a meeting with an IndiaFilings Advisor.


  • Lawful Protection

  • Worldwide Patent Protection

  • multi year legitimacy

  • Serious Edge

  • Formation of Asset

Archives Required to Register Copyrigh

  • Structure 1 ( Application for award of patent)

  • Structure 2 (Provisional Specifications)

  • Structure 5 ( Declaration of Inventorship)

  • Structure 26 (Power of Attorney). In the event that your patent is documented by a Patent Agent, at that point this structure is important.

  • E-recording expenses (Patent Statutory charge)

  • Need Document ( This is utilized for show applications if need date is guaranteed).

  • Representations/Drawings of the creation

Segments of Provisional Patent Specification

  • The Provisional Specification is comprehensively clarified under two themes, for example 'Title' which ought to decently catch highlights of the innovation and ought to be short and to the point. Further 'Depiction' which starts with the Preamble and contains the field and object of creation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Provisional Patent?

    A Provisional Patent application is a break step making progress toward a patent. It is viable on the grounds that by recording a suitable temporary patent application an individual can advertise the creation unafraid of losing his patent rights, acquiring money to continue with advancement and further patent activities.

  • How to document a Provisional Patent Application?

    A patent application can be documented with Indian Patent Office either with complete detail or with temporary particular alongside charge as endorsed in plan I. On the off chance that the application is recorded with temporary particular, at that point one needs to document total determination inside a year from the date of recording of the application.

  • What is the contrast among Provisional and Non-Provisional Patent?

    A temporary patent application is not normal for a non-temporary application since it will never be inspected, yet is utilized to build up a need date. The temporary application is intended to purchase the designer more opportunity to choose if he needs to seek after a non-temporary patent application, which requires more work and is normally increasingly costly. Fundamentally, a temporary patent application is a basic portrayal of a thought alongside any material drawings. A non-temporary patent application requires a couple of a greater number of parts than the temporary patent application. It requires a lot of cases, a portrayal of the creation, any appropriate drawings of the innovation, a theoretical, a recording expense, and a pledge or affirmation.

  • Is it important to document a Provisional Application?

    For the most part, an application recorded with temporary detail is known as temporary application which is valuable in setting up a need date for your creation. Also, documenting of a temporary application is valuable as it gives adequate time to the candidate to survey and assess the market capability of his creation before recording total determination. Notwithstanding, it isn't important to document an application with temporary particular and one can record application legitimately with complete determination.

  • What is a Provisional Specification?

    Indian Patent Law follows first to document framework. Temporary particular portrays the idea of the innovation to have the need date of documenting of the application in which the creative thought has been revealed. It must be trailed by a total particular portraying the subtleties of the creation alongside an announcement of cases inside a year in the wake of recording of the temporary application. On the off chance that the total particular isn't documented inside the recommended period, the application is treated as regarded to have been deserted

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