Copyright Registration

Copyright is a sort of licensed innovation assurance like trademark and licenses. Copyright enlistment is finished after the Copyright Act, 1957. With copyright enlistment, you become a legitimate proprietor of your innovative work in regard of books, artistic creations, music, site, and so forth. Copyright enlistment with the position makes sure about the innovative work of the creator can't be copy. No individual is permitted to utilize the equivalent without the consent of the creator or maker. The creator is qualified for charge others for utilizing his work or evolving it. Copyrights enrollment defends the privileges of the designer from encroachment.

In India, the enlistment gives its proprietor selective, singular rights to appropriate, imitate, replicate the work or offer approval to another element for the equivalent. It offers a lot of rights – correspondence to people in general, privileges of propagation, adjustment, and interpretation of the work. Be that as it may, thoughts, methodology, techniques for activity or numerical ideas can't be copyrighted.

Copyright enlistment should be possible by Legal advisory in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and all other Indian urban communities.

Things are protected under Copyright

  • Cinematography film

  • Sound account

  • Melodic work and Sound account

  • Creative work like canvases, photos

  • Unique abstract others

  • Communicates on Radio and Television

Difference between Trademark, Patent, and Copyright

S.No. Basis Copyright Trademark Patent


It preserves the expression of ideas like artistic work. Artistic work involves work related to books, paintings, music and computer Programme. Copyright protection benefits in excluding others from using the work.

Trademark preserves any word, symbol, a design that recognizes business and differentiate the brand from others.

The patent guards the invention of the inventor and provides an exclusive right to the inventor over his/her invention and it also eliminates others from using the invention.


Column 1 Value

Column 2 Value

Column 3 Value

Column 4 Value


Protection given for

Novel works of authorship like books, articles, songs, photographs, paintings, choreography, sound recordings, motion pictures, etc.

Any word, logo, symbol, mark, phrase that differentiates goods of one party from another.

Features of shape, configuration, pattern, and ornament, the form of lines, colour or blend thereof applied to each article.


Column 1 Value

Column 2 Value

Column 3 Value

Column 4 Value



Expression of Ideas

Identification of brand



Govern by

Indian Copyright Act, 1957

Trade Marks Act, 1999

Indian Patent Act, 1970


Requirements of Registration

The work must be original, creative and must be able of fixing in the tangible form.

The marks needs to be unique.

The design needs to be original and must be referred to the article by any industrial process.



Others are not permitted copy the work without the permission of the creator.

Stop others from using the same logo/symbol.

Stop others from using the invention without the permission


Validity Term

The validity time in copyright is 60 years.

The validity time in trademark is 10 years.

The validity time in patent is 20 years.


Rights provided

Right to control the reproduction, creating of copied works, distribution and public performance and shows of the copyrighted works.

Rights to apply the mark and stop any 3rd person from using the deceptively same mark.

Right to stop others from producing, selling using or importing the patented invention.

Legal Rights in Copyright

  • 1. Privileges of the copyright proprietor Under the Indian Copyright Act 1957, copyright safeguards the social, monetary and legitimate interests of the creator. The copyright proprietor is permitted to hold the accompanying elite rights. Under the Indian Copyright Act 1957, copyright safeguards the social, monetary and legitimate interests of the creator. The copyright proprietor is permitted to hold the accompanying elite rights. The proprietor may request creation for distributed work under the privilege of paternity. The proprietor may imitate the work in any unmistakable structure and keeping it in any medium by electronic methods too. The proprietor may figure out where to distribute and where not under the privilege of production. The proprietor may act openly or talk about it to general society or he/she may make any interpretation or adjustment of the work. The proprietor may take certain guarded activities if there should arise an occurrence of picture or notoriety misfortune. The proprietor has an option to sell and move their work.
  • 2. Privileges of Reproduction The Copyright Act says that no outsider can recreate or make copy of the first work or part of the work except if the copyright proprietor has approved to do as such. It limits generation through printing a version of a work and recording sound and movies. The application form or the renewal form is required. This site assists you to apply officially for your trademark renewal.
  • 3. Privileges of Adaptation The copyright maker can decide to utilize his work however he needs. That is, he/she can fabricate subsidiaries from the current work or make new work in a similar structure or another structure dependent on the first work. The accompanying activities diagram the term adjustment according to the Copyright Act: Changing plays, motion pictures, choreographic shows, and other sensational works into non-emotional or artistic works like sonnets, books, and books Changing learned works and creative works like figure, photography, artworks, drawings, and so on into sensational work Change or adjustment of sensational and non-emotional work Pictorial portrayal of the work Interpretation of melodic work

Essential Requirements for Copyright Registration

  • Fundamental Details of Candidate:

    Fundamental subtleties like Name, Address, and Nationality of the competitor are required before enlistment.

  • Delicate Copies and CDs:

    Up-and-comer must make a delicate copy of his/her work and all records alternatively in JPEG, JPG or GIF group. On the off chance that you wish to document a copyright for your PC programs, at that point you should get ready 4 CDs or DVDs of the specific PC programs.

  • Get a Trademark Certificate for Artistic Work:

    On the off chance that you are submitting copyright enlistment for any aesthetic work, an unmistakable copyright search testament must be taken from the trademark office before accommodation.

  • Intensity of Attorney:

    On the off chance that the applicant is enrolling copyright through any approved firm or backer, the intensity of lawyer legitimately marked by the competitor is compulsory.

Method for Copyright Registration

  • Copyright Registration

    An application (counting all the specifics and the announcement of the points of interest) in the organization of FORM IV must have to be sent to the enlistment center alongside the imperative charges (referenced in the Schedule 2 of the demonstration.). A different application must be made for discrete works

  • Copyright Registration

    Each application must be marked by the candidate just as an Advocate in whose favor a Vakalatnama or a POA has been executed

  • Copyright Registration

    The recorder will give a Dairy No. and afterward there is a required sitting tight time for a time of 30 days for any issues with be gotten

  • Copyright Registration

    On the off chance that there are no complaints gotten inside 30 days, the scrutinizer will check the application for any inconsistency and if no disparity is there, the enlistment will be done and a concentrate will be sent to the recorder for the section in the Register of Copyright.

  • Copyright Registration

    On the off chance that any complaint is gotten, the inspector will send a letter to both the gatherings about the protests and will give them both a conference.

  • Copyright Registration

    After the conference, if the complaints are settled the scrutinizer will investigate the application and affirm or dismiss the application by and large.

Why Copyright Registration?

  • Lawful Protection

    Also, helps as at first sight proof in the courtroom over responsibility for work. Alongside this, it offers Infringement Protection. It gives the maker the correct method to get the opportunity to individuals who are replicating their work and getting by out of the endeavors of the hard made things.

  • After The Creators Death

    After the maker's passing, assurance can be broadened. Copyright's assurance isn't limited up to the underlying makers' life expectancy its legitimacy is higher than some other protected innovation. It is for a long time after his/her demise moreover.

  • Proprietor exposure

    The enlistment makes work perceived over the world and it gets accessible in the copyright vault database. When copyright enlistment is made it constrains the utilization of work without the approval of the maker.

  • Making of Asset

    Enlisted copyrights are licensed innovation and the rights can be exchanged, diversified or economically locked in.

  • Copyright helps in setting up validity in Market

    Individuals will continue with that substance is unique and not replicated from anyplace and neither any other individual can take the substance.

  • Marking or Goodwill

    Enrolled copyright can be applied for advertising and building a feeling of altruism alongside quality in the brains of your clients. Enlisted copyright educates others that you care regarding need you developed.

  • At first sight Evidence

    Copyright insurance gives by all appearances proof on the off chance that if the case continues. The verification is required to bear witness to anything in the official courtroom. Subsequently, here the copyright enlistment is useful for makers.

  • Confines Unauthorized Reproduction

    The enrollment will demonstrate that you are not kidding about copyright encroachment. This will help forestall unlawful generation of the work as it gives the proprietor a large group of legitimate help.

  • Open Record

    At the point when the enlistment of copyright is done, a reasonable open record is made that benefits the first maker to construct his responsibility for said copyright.

  • Worldwide Protection

    Works that are copyrighted in numerous different nations are permitted comparative benefits here in India. Besides, works copyright enrolled in India are given assurance in numerous outside nations.

Reports Required for Copyright Registration

  • Name, Address and Nationality of the Candidate – ID confirmation

  • NOC from the distributer if work distributed and distributer is not quite the same as the candidate.

  • Search Certificate from Trade Mark Office (TM - 60) assuming any

  • NOC from an individual whose photo shows up on the work.

  • Intensity of Attorney

Extent of copyright enlistment and insurance

  • The Copyright Act, 1957 cutoff points unapproved use of any unique learned, melodic, emotional, sound accounts, cinematograph and other creative works. Both distributed and unpublished works can be copyrighted, and the copyright of the first work is held for the first maker.
  • On the off chance that the work to be enrolled is unpublished, a copy of the book must be sent alongside the application for appending the stamp of the Copyright Office in verification of the work having been enlisted. On the off chance that 2 copy of the book are sent, one copy of the equivalent properly stepped will be returned, while the other will be held, beyond what many would consider possible, in the Copyright Office for record and will be held private. It would likewise be available to the contender to send just statements from the unpublished work rather of the entire book and request the arrival of the statements in the wake of being stepped with the approval of the Copyright Office. At the point when a work has been enrolled as unpublished lastly it is distributed, the up-and-comer may apply for alterations in specifics entered in the Register of Copyright in Form 5 with the coordinated expense.
  • A wide range of learned and masterful works can be copyrighted, you can likewise enroll a copyright application for your site or another PC program. PC Software or projects can be enrolled as a 'scholarly work'. According to Section 2 of the Copyright Act, 1957 "scholarly work" contains PC projects, tables, and gatherings, including PC databases. 'Source Code' has additionally to be given along the application for affirmation of the copyright for programming items. Copyright assurance restrains the exorbitant age of private items or works and guarantees the individual proprietor holds crucial rights over his creation.
  • Copyright insurance of unique erudite, melodic, sensational, and imaginative works proceeds for the whole lifetime of the creator. At the point when the creator kicks the bucket the accompanying 60 years after his passing likewise nobody can copy their substance, logo, brand, and so forth.

Points of interest of Copyright Registration

  • Legal Protection –Copyright enrollment fills in as at first sight proof in the courtroom over responsibility for work. In this manner, copyright enlistment gives the proprietor lawful assurance for his/her work.
  • Marking and Goodwill –Enlisted copyright can be utilized for advertising and making a feeling of altruism and quality in the brains of your client. Enrolled copyright show others that you care about your work.
  • Worldwide Protection –Works that are copyrighted in numerous different nations are concurred comparative benefits here in India. In like manner, works copyright enlisted in India are concurred insurance in numerous remote nations.
  • Confines Unauthorized Reproduction –Copyright enrollment will set up that you are not kidding about copyright encroachment. This will help obstruct unapproved proliferation of the work as it gives the proprietor a large group of legitimate cures.

What is included in our Package.

  • Application Drafting
  • Application Filing
  • Government Fees
  • Journal number

Span of Copyright in India

After copyright enrollment, copyright is legitimate for the lifetime of the creator 60 years after the demise of the creator. Span of copyright enlistment implies the copyright in a work will live for such a period as coordinated under the copyright demonstration and the equivalent can't be drilled without creator/maker consent. Since the copyright length in a work differs from the idea of work, the term of copyright according to the work has been talked about hereinbelow: Distributed scholarly, melodic emotional or aesthetic work: as long as 60 years after the lifetime of the creator. Mysterious and pseudonymous works: 60 years from the date the work was first distributed. Cinematographic works: 60 years from the date film was screened Sound chronicles: 60 years from the date such stable account is discharged.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is copyright enlistment?

    Copyright enlistment is a privilege given to the creators to secure their unique work being taken or copied and gives you an affirmed lawful directly over your creation. It gives the individual proprietor with the bundle of rights like the privilege of propagation, right of interpretation, and so on.

  • How to get copyright enrolled?

    Set up a copyright application and record it. From that point onward, you will be dispensed a journal no. furthermore, sits tight for the 30 days if there should be an occurrence of protest. On the off chance that there is no complaint the approved individual will analyze the application and on the off chance that he/she is fulfilled the enrollment s endorsed by the recorder. With endorsement, the citations will be sent by the enlistment center to the applicant.

  • What amount does the copyright enlistment cost?

    The cost associated with the copyright enlistment is beginning from

  • Who can apply for the copyright enlistment?

    Any individual or business element can apply for copyright enrollment. The individual can be creator, maker, artist, picture taker, maker, painter, arranger, or an organization may protect their innovative by utilizing this lawful position.

  • Which rights are given to the copyright holder?

    The copyright holder has following rights: • The option to copy or replicate the first work. • The option to figure out who may adjust the work to different structures and decide profits by the equivalent. • The option to be ascribed to work.

  • Would i be able to enlist my name or title?

    NO, you can't enlist your name or title. Name or titles can just get trademark enlistment.

  • What can be secured with the enlistment of copyright?

    One can ensure all his unique works like scholarly works, PC programs, sites, sensational contents, melodic verses, and specialists' works.

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