What is Trade License

Each business association needs an exchange permit from controllers, be it the city organization or the state government. Exchange License is an archive that gives consent and ensures you to carry on a specific exchange or business for which it is given. It doesn't give responsibility for or consent for some other movement other than for which it is given.

The city company approves permit division and designates licenses in meeting with other explicit consultative offices like Health, Engineering, Estate and others of a similar sort.

In context of this, it is fundamental for any business foundations to take essential licenses from the License Department before starting assembling, trade or capacity of any action. The application must be documented with the Commissioner in the Corporation 30 days before the beginning of business. While recording, the business needs to present all the obligatory reports.

How is Trade License different from Company Registration?

Company Registration provides the new structure of business while the Trade License is an authorization to an already running business for commencing new activity or business. Any running business can register itself as a legal entity or any person can also form a new structure in the form of a registered company. Trade License is one of the certificates received by an already registered company if it was ready to carry on any added activity. Investors normally hesitate for investing in any sole-proprietor ventures as linked to the entity baked by a legal structure like Company, LLPs, etc.
S.No. Basis of difference Company Registration Trade License


The new business entity is formed to carry on the business.

The existing entity takes the approval for carrying a particular type of activity



Directors must not be minor. The company should be registered with a minimum requirement of capital.

The applicant must have crossed 18 years of age with no criminal record. Business shall be legally authorized by its object to carry on such other activity for the trade license is acquired.



Following are the types of Company: Private Limited, Public Limited, OPC, etc.

Types of trade license: Shop License, Industrial license, Drug license, etc.


Processing time

ROC takes 3-4 days to issue Certificate of Incorporation

Concerned authority takes 7 to 10 days for processing of an application



Valid for lifetime once allotted

Valid for one year



They are not renewed as they are valid for a lifetime.

They are renewed after their expiry by submission of necessary documents.

Qualification for a Trade License

  • Candidate more likely than not accomplished the age of 18 years
  • Candidate must not have any criminal records
  • Organizations must be legitimately admissible
  • The Trade License is given by the permitting division of the metropolitan organization in various offices like businesses, building, wellbeing, and so on. The administration of India permits the permit in a manner to direct in urban areas over the nation. It allows by the method for letters or records and confirms to continue any business or exchange any place it is found. The issuance of the permit contrasts from state to state contingent upon the nearby government offices for example Municipals rules and guidelines.

System for Trade License

  • Complete our Simple Form Online

    You are required to fill your subtleties in our basic survey and submit archives.

  • Verfication of Documents

    You are required to give all the necessary data to Register Trade License.

  • Submission of Documents

    We will create all the required documents and applications and file them on your behalf.

  • Your work is Completed, Congratulations.

    Your License will be sent through messenger. It is recommended to keep 2-3 copy of it.


Kinds of Trade License

There are 3 kinds of exchange licenses that an organization or individual can apply for dependent on the sort of exchange or business they take forward.

  • Shop License

    This permit is required for any individual who needs to open a shop. The shop can be of any retail type.

  • Modern License

    This kind of permit is required for any organization that needs to open a little or moderate sized modern unit. Nourishment Establishment License

  • Nourishment Establishment License

    Any foundation that plans on getting into the nourishment and drink industry requires this permit. The permit applies to cafés, bistros, meat shops, pastry shops and vegetable shops. In like manner, it takes 7-10 working days to process the use of Trade permit in metro urban areas. However, in other little urban areas and rustic territories, it sets aside a more drawn out effort for preparing of the Trade permit application.

What is included in Our Trade License Package

  • Application Drafting

  • Permit Application

  • Government Fees

Documents Required for Trade Licence

  • Rent reports/understanding in the event of premises are on rent
  • ID Proof
  • Inhabitance Certificate
  • Address Proof
  • Dropped Check
  • Authentication of Incorporation
  • Copy of PAN card

Why Trade License

Over the most recent 40 years, exchange permit has been remembered for the nation and is being administered by city enterprise acts by the state governments. This advantages in guaranteeing that nobody is separately influenced by the disturbance and wellbeing risk of any exchange or business. It has been made required by the administration to do a specific business or exchange a specific zone and to guarantee that nobody is completing any off-base strategic policies. This permit makes a concordance in the general public that all business is keeping pertinent principles, rules and receiving the security measures. This permit was caused important to ensure that the legislature to can manage diverse exchange exercises the nation. The center reason for giving this is to control the areas by limiting the individuals from executing a few kinds of organizations from their home area to keep up the business condition

  • Critical to direct the exchange to guarantee that the residents are not unfavorably influenced by wellbeing risks and aggravation because of inappropriate conveying of an exchange.
  • Organizations having better business practice pull in various speculation gatherings and different business associations
  • A Licensed business will have higher generosity and will draw in the clients and speculators than an unregistered substance.
  • To do moral business, practice the individual can apply for getting Trade License Registration which guarantees the security measures and rules.
  • On the off chance that an individual doesn't get a Trade permit varying under the law and starts any business than a legislature can force fine and punishment on such individual. It can likewise bring about the end of such a business.
  • Easy to dissolve or wind-up.

Exchange License Renewal

  • Unique copy of the exchange License
  • Earlier year Challans
  • Forward-thinking property charge paid receipt
  • Offers the flexibility of a partnership firm and the advantages of a Public Ltd Company.
The exchange licenses India are reestablished from January first to March 31st. The legitimacy of a permit gave by the metropolitan authority is for one year and required to be recharged each year. The application for recharging of the permit is to be done inside 30 days from the date of its expiry. In the event that the recharging procedure is deferred, at that point it might pull in fine contingent on the guidelines and guidelines of the giving power. Following are the documents that require to be submitted for renewal of

Validity of Trade License

Exchange permit is vital for each business that does an exchange or business needs. An exchange permit is legitimate just for 1 year. Numerous different arrangements, rules, and guidelines are required to be trailed by the enrolled individual. If there should arise an occurrence of carelessness to agree to the enlistment states of exchange permit and beginning any exchange movement before the issuance of this permit, the individual in the default will be capable to take care of the coordinated punishment. Additionally, lawful move can likewise be made against the defaulter.

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